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Mr. Robert Huntsman of (Huntsman Law Group, PLLC) is a principal of the small law firm located in Boise, Idaho. Bob enjoys clientele across the United States, having many clients he knows very well, yet has never met face-to-face. Bob and his clients typically communicate with each other informally and regularly, by email and cell phone. He is often found responding to clients outside of normal business hours, and works with the busy schedule of his clients.

Mr. Huntsman will represent clients in any U.S. Federal District Court

At A Glance

J.D.- J. Reuben Clark Law School, Brigham Young University

B.S. Computer Science, Montana State University

Bar Admissions


U.S. Federal District Court - Idaho

U.S. Federal District Court - Colorado

U.S. Federal District Court - Eastern District of Texas

U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

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Huntsman Law Group, PLLC, offers cost-controlled patent, trademark, copyright and other Federal Court litigation services typically on a consulting basis at a fraction of the hourly rate other firms require for their services. The attorneys at Huntsman Law Group can also serve as lead counsel at the same rate when circumstances require. The firm's skill set is particularly well suited for distress situations and small business client who find themselves in Federal Court.

This type of litigation is intensely personal for most small business clients, and, unlike large corporation litigation, close involvement and particpation by small business clients tends to both lower costs and improve the quality of the litigation, and empowers clients to help themselves. Unfortunately, under a traditional litigation model where attorneys' fees are being billed at $350-$500/hour or more, chatting with your attorney is too expensive and is not always cost effective. Conversations between clients and the attorney are usually kept to an absolute minimum, which is an unfortunate result. Because Huntsman Law Group can function more like a consultanting firm than a traditional law firm, its attorneys regularly involve clients in substantive matters when appropriate. Communication between the firm and its litigation clients is regular and frequent and not crushingly expensive.

The firm is also well suited to assist General Counsel at larger companies with their litigation needs, and can consult with and help plan effective strategies. Having worked as General Counsel himself he is uniquely aware of their particular needs.

Whether you have present counsel or not, if you are involved in patent litigation, Huntsman Law Group, PLLC, is a valuable resource to have on your side. References from clients are available upon request.

If you have a litigation matter that you would like to to discuss with Mr. Huntsman on a courtesy basis, click here to him or call him on his office phone at 208 860 4379 Ext 200.